1. Show 'Em The Hand Vol. III
    Various Artists

  2. At A Loss
    The Capitalist Kids

  3. Eulogies
    The Creeps

  4. All Is Well
    The Manges

  5. Chore
    Hi Ho Silver, Away!

  6. Mutation In The Family
    The Mugwumps

  7. The Believer
    Hospital Job

  8. Split
    Kingons / The Maxies

  9. Fur Frontal
    The Turkletons

  10. Guts & Black Stuff
    French Exit

  11. Welcome To San Diego

  12. Born Too Loose
    Pool Party

  13. About Bloody Time

  14. Split
    City Mouse / Weekend Dads

  15. In Trance
    Up For Nothing

  16. Yeti
    The Visitors

  17. More Than A Sinking Feeling
    Mall'd To Death

  18. Old Wild Hearts
    Gateway District

  19. Parables

  20. Bad Weather
    City Mouse

  21. Split
    Mean Jeans / The Underground Railroad To Candyland

  22. We're Gonna Need A Bigger Coat
    Lipstick Homicide / The Turkletons

  23. Split
    The Brokedowns / Vacation Bible School

  24. Vices
    The Dopamines

  25. Neighborhood Wildlife
    The Manix

  26. New Kids On The Bong
    Sass Dragons

  27. Weekend Dads
    Weeked Dads

  28. City Mouse
    City Mouse

  29. Greenland Is Melting
    The Maxies

  30. North Sentinel Island
    The Copyrights

  31. Crutches

  32. Going Clubbin'
    The Maxies

  33. The Process Of Reaching Out
    Mall'd To Death

  34. The Sun Is Down And The Night Is Riding In

  35. Lakeside Cabin
    The Creeps

  36. Goocher
    The Credentials

  37. As The Ox Plows
    Dan Padilla

  38. Perfect's Gonna Fail
    Gateway District

  39. Promise It'll Never Happen Again
    The Steinways

  40. Shit's Fucked
    The Copyrights

  41. Party Tracks Vol.1
    Stoned At Heart

  42. Democracy
    Chinese Telephones

  43. Stayin' Alive
    The Spinoffs

  44. Follow You Home
    The Creeps

  45. That's Incredible
    That's Incredible

  46. Fear Of Lipstick
    Fear Of Lipstick

  47. No Composure
    Be My Doppelganger

  48. Can't Go Home
    The Varsity Weirdos

  49. The Delaware Octopus
    House Boat

  50. Dead It
    Get Bent

  51. Gold Magic

  52. Give 'em Enough Booze
    The Legendary San Diego Chargers / Sunnyside

  53. Gary Glitter
    The Methadones

  54. Split
    The Crumbs / The Ridicules

  55. Some Days You Get The Thunder
    The Gateway District

  56. Songs About Fucking Up
    The Copyrights / The Dopamines

  57. Split
    The Methadones / The Copyrights

  58. Slow Crawl
    Barrakuda McMurder

  59. Rocket To Hollywood
    The Manges

  60. Split
    The Dopamines / Till Plains

  61. We Didn't Come Here To Die
    The Copyrights

  62. Sonic Annihilation
    Be My Doppelganger

  63. High School Teen Party
    The Varsity Weirdos

  64. Greetings From Japan
    The Dazes / The Wimpys

  65. The Dopamines
    The Dopamines

  66. The Veterans
    The Veterans

  67. Make Sound
    The Copyrights

  68. Chinese Telephones
    Chinese Telephones

  69. Walking The Walk
    The Peawees

  70. Unoriginal Recipe
    The Steinways

  71. Do Time
    The Mugwumps

  72. Wedding Split
    The Steinways / The Varsity Weirdos

  73. Way Out Of Control
    For Science

  74. Split
    Chinese Telephones / Dear Landlord

  75. Indie Band
    Fear Of Lipstick

  76. Get Awesome
    The Children's Crusade

  77. Two Minutes
    The Popsters

  78. Go Down
    The Manges

  79. Mutiny Pop
    The Copyrights

  80. Gambling On Rock

  81. Two Face
    The Badamps

  82. Handclaps And Bottlecaps
    The Copyrights / Zatopeks

  83. Split
    The Apers / Sonic Dolls

  84. Smile Or Move

  85. The Scene
    The Popsters

  86. Fly Me Up To The Moon
    The Varsity Weirdos

  87. Joey's Song
    Kitty And The Manges

  88. Nowhere Near Chicago
    The Copyrights

  89. Split
    Teenage Bottlerocket / Prototipes

  90. Button Smasher
    The Copyrights

  91. Show 'Em The Hand Vol. I
    Various Artists

  92. Show 'Em The Hand Vol. II
    Various Artists


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We started in the summer of 2004. We didn't set out with any goal other than to release a few awesome records by a handful of great bands. A few turned into dozen, a dozen turned into a few dozen, and here we are. Our goal is to continue to put out awesome records by great bands and do what we can to put back what we can into this great scene that we've taken so much out of for as long as we can. ... more

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